"I have had an incredible healing journey with Mark. It has changed me on my energetic and body intel level. Many organs are repaired and cancer relieved. I have had a most extraordinary journey with him and through him to sources with which he works. I am beholden to them all. I am 65, with the mind and strength of a young man. Blessings on all that have helped me and to all who read  my words. We are all one."

 -- Robert Ray


Let 2022 Be Your Year to Feel Great!

Energy Readings may get you there faster.  My name is Mark Rider. I am an Energy Healer.

This amazing and revealing diagnostic technique can provide important information about your health issues that you can take to your health professional for further analysis.

Energy Readings give insight to how the body works, and sometimes, how it doesn't work. Remarkably, these readings provide early detection, or even the 2nd opinion you may need to make critical decisions in health care.

Energy Readings are an alternative approach to health that can help define and detect Diabetes, Cancer, Covid-19, Parkinson's, other Neurological Conditions, Anxiety, Depression, Aches and Pains, or even Mysterious Illnesses. 

More importantly, the Energy Reading may find the irritant or cause of the condition.  It's similar to detective work.  I track down the substances, or the physical and emotional traumas of the past that contribute to today's issues. Many times, these past traumas will damage regulatory systems that trap you in a downward spiral of dysfunction. Sometimes new cells of the body do not solve the dysfunction because they are replicated with the same damage of previous cells. This is when we need to make corrections at the level of "Body Intelligence."

As an Energy Detective, I follow the energy pathways of dysfunction that lead from problem "A" to problem "B" and "C." This kind of Energy Reading is amazing because it can trace these events in time, sometimes to specific years or events that you will most likely remember. For many clients, these are true "aha" moments. If health professionals do not track illness to its source of cause -- or substance --  then it is likely that patients may not overcome symptoms, and have difficulty getting over the illness entirely. This is especially true for cancer. Detective work through Energy Readings makes it easier to solve health issues from the causal source. And Energy Healing focuses on repairing the source of illness, as well as its symptoms. This philosophy is still foreign to many conventional medicine practices.


How Energy Readings are Possible

Many years ago, doctors over-dosed me on a course of antibiotics. This medical drug dropped me down a rabbit hole to chronic illness, pain and disability... for decades. The only upshot was that the drug activated an ability to read in others the energy signature of wellness and disease.

The key to success of my work comes from access to Body Intelligence -- a structure that operates the whole body, using genes as part of a tool box for repairs and maintenance. Body Intelligence is not yet recognized by most other health professionals. 

Medical and recreational drugs are not part of this program of restoration. However, I might recommend certain foods for you to consider in your wellness program. Energy Healing works remarkably well with a new diet to raise your health to optimal levels.  Take these recommendations to your doctors for further evaluation.

In addition to Body Intelligence, there are other fascinating concepts addressed in this unique practice of Energy Healing. They include Body Electricity, Cell Receptor Function, Multiple Body Communication Systems, and brand new concepts that enhance water absorption for improved Body Electricity. 

Improving water absorption may also optimize Immune System function, providing added protection against disease.  Once again, these Energy Healing techniques are unknown to allopathic medicine, and some alternative medicine fields.

Client Experiences


I don't know what you did or even if it was you.  I had been praying for God to take care of this horrible back and stomach pain and you show up.  You did something to my neck and upper torso. I feel so much better.  I haven't experienced any pain since that day you worked on me, since God sent you into my life at that time.  Thank you. I hope you are happy and well.” 

Rob Lazzarotto


I experienced outstandingly the repairs in my liver and diet adjustments… my metabolism is more efficient, and lost 10 pounds

at first, experiencing a better metabolism, my nutrition readjustments being still in process.

You found a gas leak in my old heater. A new heater had released my daily sinus headaches. You found mold in my older wooden house, and suggested the regular washing of walls, ceilings and floors with vinegar. This also contributed with the well being of my head. I am so grateful.”

Martine Di Benedetto


I've had a remarkable turnabout after my sessions with Mark Rider.

With his intuitive methods he was able to turn my life around. Using muscle testing and energy work he helped me get rid of very deep itching on my back, scalp, and parts of my face. I had been in agony and seen many different doctors for the last 5 years concerning this itching. At one point I was actually suicidal from this awful itching.

He had me change my diet; taking me off grains, and using other diet techniques to help with this issue. He did energy work with the healers he works with. He also advised me with what to put on the itchy areas to further help clear them. Presently, I'm almost totally itch free, and I have Mark to thank for this.

I would recommend Mark to anyone that is looking for a totally natural relief from many different symptoms they are enduring.

Furthermore, he will give endless support while you are going through this healing process. Mark is a caring guide and healer.” 

Nancy Rock

I want to thank you for your help in overcoming a frozen shoulder. As you may recall, my right shoulder had limited range of motion stemming from a strain I sustained while playing tennis. I’m sure the

fault was mine in that I didn’t properly warm up the shoulder -- I was just trying to learn how to play the game. In any case, I had done physical therapy, which had helped to a certain degree, but had not completely taken care of the problem.

With your help involving your kinesiology method, you isolated the exact area where pressure needed to be applied. In two sessions of approximately 20 minutes each I was able to regain full range of motion again. The relief wasn’t instantaneous, but it happened quite quickly. I believe it was a very helpful adjunct to the physical therapy, which to that point had been somewhat helpful, but was certainly not achieving my goals.”

Ken Hindes

"Mark is knowledgeable about the body anatomically. He is
systematically able to see what I deem to be holistic inter-connectedness. He is insightful, a good listener, caring, and yes, intuitive."

Bill Bryant



"Pain in chest and right side of back has greatly subsided. Numbness

and tingly feeling of left hand has dramatically decreased. Have felt

no need for heating patch nor the need to continuously take ibuprofen throughout the day. Overall I feel energized and not lagged down. Thank you so much for your positive energy and healing. I'm a firm believer."

Christine Serrano


As Your Personal Energy Healer and Consultant, I can....

  1. Provide You with Early Detection -- A Health Evaluation that You Can Take To Your Doctor for Further Study

  2. Apply Healing Energy

  3. Make Dietary Suggestions for Faster Recover

  4. Discuss Ways to Increase Brain Speed and Performance

  5. Help You with Personal Concerns about a Love Interest, or Family Issue, Friends and Career


Make 2022 Your Year! Here's How to Get Started:

Make an appointment today for a life-altering healing session! These readings are customized to you, and could give you insight to a number of different health conditions. Take the mystery out of illness. Call now to ask any questions you have, and to make an appointment. 

Return to this website to make payment at least one hour before your appointment. Your first session is quite detailed, and recommended to be one hour. Follow-up sessions can be either a half-hour or a full hour. Sessions are $140 per hour, or $70 per half hour. Use the Paypal button below.

Distance Energy Healing can take place anywhere you happen to be on the planet! Sessions are available by phone. I recommend you sign up with "What's App" for free phone service world wide.

I look forward to working with you, and wish you radiantly glowing health!

Mark Rider


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